Sunday, November 04, 2012

Significant journeys

More than a year has passed since I last posted here. My klout score is 63, and  Qnary score is 55. Facebook, twitter and linkedin rule my social media world.  No one visits this blog anymore, so it's a good place to speak softly to myself and hear it back years later. I come back here to the long form only when something momentous happens.

Like on October 26th, my birthday. And the last officially public day of an entire era in my life. I had stepped down as Chairman and CEO of Lintas Media Group, and the fact would be made public the following Monday.

God is great. He ensured that I spent the last few hours of my tenure in a tough and powerful post in the cutthroat world of advertising and media in the most relaxing yet inspiring way possible. Aboard a small yet highly resourceful boat that was built and first wet her bow in Goan waters. That set sail for a nonstop solo circumnavigation of the world a few days later. Whose journey coincides ironically with my own internal journey to a new life in the social development space, as the restraint period imposed on me comes to a close after seven months.

By the time INSV Madhei returns home successfully, as I am sure she will, I will hopefully have launched my new venture aimed at helping less privileged Indians using my own special and unique skills.

I will follow the posts written by the boat's brave captain almost like a compass. The most important journeys in life can only be travelled alone. One can share the experiences with others, but can one can only experience them alone.

Here are some pictures:

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Premjeet Sodhi said...

Yes, you are right.. your going ends an era :-). I am sure your new venture will be as 'achieving' as the one you have pursued in media so far. Best wishes, always :-)