Monday, November 12, 2012

Comfortably numb

Have been swimming lazily below the surface the past fortnight, staying out of the public eye, except for a few tweets. Came up for air a couple of times to meet a few useful business contacts for coffee at Costa's.

But did venture out to turn a couple of somersaults and nose a few balls at the Lintastic Diwali party on the 7th where they dedicated a nostalgic Bollywood "please don't go so soon" type of song to me, while I stood indelicately on the wrought iron park bench (see pic below). I also gave out the prizes for all the nonsensical games - bottles and cans of various persuasions from beer to pickle to perfume.

Now to get to work on my talk for the India for Animals Conference in Panjim later this week. Mmm, but the waters are so warm and comforting, I'd rather just keep gliding along.

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