Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Power means responsibility

Social media have placed so much power into our hands. We can bring down governments on the back of shared tweet. We can find an abandoned dog a home. We can make music history with one youtube performance.

With power comes great responsibility. Do we realise that?

Juxtaposing these two articles below makes me proud to be an Indian, and a Mumbai-ite.

While the London rioters used BBM to spread misery and chaos, Mumbai-ites instead used the power of the internet to bring help and calm in the aftermath of the 13/7 blasts, since the phone lines were jammed.


meraj said...

superb one!

Deepam said...

i was missing your blog posts :-)

looking forward to more reading.

btw, totally love the FB profile pic, finally mustered the courage to add you on facebook :-)