Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reading and writing

Facebook and twitter have overtaken my digital life - I have nearly abandoned this blog, a place I once loved so much. And still do. I just don't seem to have the time or inclination required to write out full sentences and paragraphs.

A few weeks ago, I bought a kindle from and reacquainted myself with the art of pure reading. An unusual realisation - that even holding up a book which has a right and left side can be a distraction - the binder in the middle, the other page, you can see them both from the corner of your eye - but with the kindle, it's just the words in front of you and nothing else. Words in carefully muted black over cream , easy on the eye. I believe the kindle is not doing well at all in India - well, I love it. I have downloaded newspapers and books to read on long journeys away from home, and preferred the experience to the ubiquitous inflight video.

So now that I am reading without the distractions of double spread boutique ads, diecuts on the front page, and rich media banners, I must also return to some proper writing instead of this 140 character texting nonsense. I hope to be back here more often, always assuming that I have something insightful to write about.

Till then, let me commit an unforgiveable crime and redirect you to a facebook page - of my travels last month in Africa. No, I couldn't find all the words to say it all, and have used many pictures instead. Here is the link, hope it opens up to my non-friends too.

"In love with elephants"


meraj said...

the pics are going to Africa next :)

and, looking forward to your coming posts here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the link did open for non-friends. Incredible photos, and what a blessed experience!

Tyrone said...

Hi Lynn,

You're a woman of many talents and one of them is media wish you would write more on that! Also your photography is great!

On another note you met my ex boss Mehnaz Ahmed, I was working for Lowe and Rauf in Karachi from 2005-2009.

I left in August 2009 and now at another ad agency.
Take care

Lady Writer said...

Non-friends is a lovely description.

And the chopper pics are fab.

little star said...

Also I'm trying to "avoid" Facebook ...

Hybrid said...

Nothing wrong with that re-direct. Thanks for sharing :)

Check me out @ or follow me @

joven said...

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Pogo said...

Interesting, I've just gone the other way. I found that there wasn't space to say what I wanted to say on Facebook, and too much fluff.

My blog is *very* new, so I'm probably still in the honeymoon glow, but I do enjoy having some privacy to write and being able to tidy and polish, without being on display continuously.

joven said...

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