Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roadblocks everywhere

It has been over two months since my last post. Two months of perhaps the busiest period in my life - both professionally and personally.

Yesterday when I settled down into my chair in office, I realised that I had clocked 16 flights in the previous 20 days, two of them international.

Have I achieved much in this time? I can't say for sure right now. There are too many roads, and too many road blocks, and I would much rather do what I do best - blaze my own new trail, instead of having to maneouvre myself around roads built and blocks created by other people.

Hopefully the solutions I am trying to engineer, and the decisions I am taking, will blaze a strange new trail of their own, even as they upset the influential, but favour the voiceless.

Here is an article of mine that appeared in the back page of the Economic Times Brand Equity on October 14th - hope you enjoy reading it - yes, the 'smart but stupid media planner' referred to in one of the earlier paras, was me.....

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