Friday, February 20, 2009

My needs

My cousin, Michelle, just introduced her facebook friends to an interesting 'feature' on google. If you need a break from meetings, phone calls, emails and powerpoints, this is as good a time-pass as any. Just type in your first name followed by the word 'needs' in the google search bar and discover your deep unexpressed desires finally out in the open!

Here are mine, some true and some pretty much unlikely, but then you never know just what is kept neatly concealed behind our well crafted public personae.

1. Lynn needs some hugs from you. (well, it can get lonely at the top)

2. Lynn needs to develop a larger repertoire of reading vocabulary. (I do??)

3. Lynn needs help's stats. (If I can figure out what that means, maybe I will discover that I do need it).

4. Lynn needs to go to Dodge City to attend a suffrage conference. (I don't know about the suffrage bit, but Dodge City sounds like fun).

5. Lynn needs to move her desk. (People have warned me that my office desk is not in a favourable feng shui position, but given that we have just been ranked the best performing agency in the country in the R3 study that met 240 advertisers, I will leave it where it is. At home, my great great grandfather's 250 year old rosewood writing desk has been hijacked by my toy fox terriers, so I guess that will need to stay where it is too).

6. Lynn needs help naming her unborn daughter. (Enough said).

7. Lynn needs backing for Olympic dream. (Yes, I have always always wanted to hold that torch in my hand ever since we all helped Suresh Mullick with that famous Freedom Film that ran on Doordarshan during Independence Day in the 80's, and Josy gave me one of the torches used in the film as a goodbye present the day I left Ogilvy).

8. Lynn needs help with her baby. (Once again, enough said.)

9. Lynn needs a kidney. (And a liver, and a heart, and a brain, and by the way, God, if your returned my thryoid too, I would be most grateful)

10. Lynn needs money. (Now that is the one thing I definitely don't need!)

Go play.


meraj said...

interesting but didnt work for me...couldnt play

Smiling Dolphin said...

i guess it helps if you have an anglo-saxon name........

meraj said...

true...but i had some fun with 'Hasan needs'

meraj said...

"Pooja needs some Pooja samagri to do the pooja"


Harprabhjot Paul Singh said...

The first thing I did after reading the article is... and tried it out for myself.

I did come across some funny stuff.

I conclude, we must enjoy comic relief

otherwise work can get boggling.

Had a comic take on IPL during the financial crunch

Hope you enjoy it

In your break of course.


Lubna said...

OMG, it is profound.

Lubna needs a clear idea of what, when, where, why, and how that vision will be achieved.