Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching 'em young

Recently two of my friends send me links to blogs started by their kids, with a request to 'encourage' them. So guys and girls, please do go here (happydogdayz.blogspot.com) to meet nine year old Aalia who loves dogs but not cats, and is such a compassionate little girl! She had the dubious honour of lighting the lamp at the inauguration of our hospital in 2002 when she was only three.

After that, go here (callmesuryan.blogspot.com) to meet seven year old Suryan who seems to have a motley of friends and likes snakes and betting and seeing that no one cheats. Reflecting on these two sweet blogs and the other adult ones I read regularly, here are some stray thoughts :

1. The cut and dried matter of fact quality of a child's writing - so refreshingly honest. Why do we lose that quality when we grow up?

2. I daresay today's kids are more tech savvy but less literary than us ancients were. I pulled out some old poems and "letters to the editor" written by my eight year old brother during the 1964 Indo-Pak war when we had to take shelter in Porbandar (yes the place where Gandhiji was born), and found the ideas and thoughts, formation of sentences, grammar, spellings etc, quite superior. I'd love to reproduce some of those here after he approves of it!

3. I wish Amanda would start up her own blog, but she loves to draw and paint, and hates the computer!

4. I like dogs and snakes too, but am too shy to say grrrr to a cat or drrrr to a viper.......oh to be a child again:-)

Friday, August 01, 2008

So long and thanks for all the fish

No I am not closing down this blog. Just posting a video that Youtube recommended I should watch when I logged in there today. Coincidentally, this blog got its name originally from the associations with the Hitchhiker series, and as I paste in the URL, it brings back fond and persistent memories of a special time in my life that was innocent, happy and a great deal of fun. Just like the dolphins playing around in this film and having a good laugh at silly humankind.