Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reading and writing

Facebook and twitter have overtaken my digital life - I have nearly abandoned this blog, a place I once loved so much. And still do. I just don't seem to have the time or inclination required to write out full sentences and paragraphs.

A few weeks ago, I bought a kindle from and reacquainted myself with the art of pure reading. An unusual realisation - that even holding up a book which has a right and left side can be a distraction - the binder in the middle, the other page, you can see them both from the corner of your eye - but with the kindle, it's just the words in front of you and nothing else. Words in carefully muted black over cream , easy on the eye. I believe the kindle is not doing well at all in India - well, I love it. I have downloaded newspapers and books to read on long journeys away from home, and preferred the experience to the ubiquitous inflight video.

So now that I am reading without the distractions of double spread boutique ads, diecuts on the front page, and rich media banners, I must also return to some proper writing instead of this 140 character texting nonsense. I hope to be back here more often, always assuming that I have something insightful to write about.

Till then, let me commit an unforgiveable crime and redirect you to a facebook page - of my travels last month in Africa. No, I couldn't find all the words to say it all, and have used many pictures instead. Here is the link, hope it opens up to my non-friends too.

"In love with elephants"