Monday, November 10, 2008

Touching history

The flight from London to New York enjoyed strong tailwinds. So we landed an hour ahead of schedule. This meant that we got the news of the new President while watching CNN in the immigration hall of JFK.

People everywhere were walking around with huge grins on their faces. The black staff at the place I stayed were dancing up and down the hallways. I switched on the telly just in time to watch Barack Obama deliver his memorable inaugural address, the goosepimples standing out on my skin. Lying on an American couch, sipping hot American coffee, drinking in the moment that the media believes will take its place in history while breathing in American!

The next morning the city of New York seemed exactly the same as before. Brisk, preoccupied in the streets, highly engaged in the offices, cool dry weather, petfriendly streets and shops (my favorite aspect of this magnificent city). Unfazed by the recent past or the present future. Just like Mumbai.

I read a rather unusual but apt desription of the city in Highlife, the British Airways inflight magazine, by the Sex and the City author, Candace Bushnell. You can find it here. "Everyone lives life in the public sphere. Apartments are small so life is led in the office, on the streets, in the restaurants, clubs and bars." Just like Mumbai, indeed.

Maybe I could live there.......and touch history again.......except that I like to live at home, wherever home may be.